Dan Abraham
IMG 0326-1-
Gender Male
Born May 16, 1955
Died May 17, 2013 (Age 58) (Shot by Firstborn mercenary)
Race Caucasian
Employer FBI, later joined the SCT
Rank Profiler
Wife Unnamed wife (divorced)
Son Unnamed sons
Girlfriend Emma Lapointe (deceased)

Dan Abraham was an FBI profiler and the leader of a unit of the SCT (Special Crimes Task Force) as seen in V14C1, until he was shot to death.


He was mentioned to have mentored and taught Natara Williams how to be an FBI Profiler in Quantico, and is thought highly of by her. His unit shown in V14C1 includes Reed Harrow, Emma Lapointe and Boone Ligaya. His crime team works on apprehending Firstborn.

Unfortunately, in V14C1's ending, he showed up at the SFPD door dressed up as Firstborn, after being surrounded heavily by officers he was then shot by a Firstborn-associated sniper on a rooftop (a mob gunman who had been freed from prison 6 days prior and was subsequently blown up by a rooftop explosion).

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