Colt Warren
Real Name/Alias Colt Tobias Warren
Born January 5, 1993 (age 21 as of Sunset)
Duration Volume 13-15
Career Police officer
Affiliation SFPD
Love interests Denni Fallon (girlfriend)

Colt Tobias Warren is an SFPD police officer. He is a former character of sister game Surviving High School, but along with his girlfriend, Denni Fallon, he moved to Mal Fallon's apartment in V13C1.

Colt's details and appearances in Surviving High School can be found here.

Early Life

His workaholic parents in absentia, teenage Colt fell into a regimen of troublemaking, resulting in a juvenile rap sheet several pages long, featuring grand theft auto, gambling, B&E, and vandalism. Despite this behavior, he dedicated himself to raising his younger sister Madeline. Colt's relationship with the niece of Det. Mal Fallon, Denni, helped him find a calling in police work, acting as a junior detective for the Centerscore department and investigating the theft of a graduation speech.


Colt first appeared in the side story, "What Happened to Colt, Part 1" in which he helped Mal take down a high-ranking Centurion Biker Gang member, Slade. He also appeared in the 2012 Christmas Special along with his girlfriend, Denni Fallon, and her family. They had dinner together.

As of V13, V14, and V15, Colt and Denni are currently living in Mal's apartment. Colt has expressed interest in being a police officer and is currently in the police training academy in the S.F.P.D. On top of that, he also studies in a community college.

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