Puppet Master
Puppet Master
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue
Rank Scientist

Clifford Billings, aka the Puppet Master, is the secondary antagonist of Volume 15.


He first appeared in V15C5. He is an old rival of Blaise Corso. His objective is to take the lives of friends and family member's hostage and to force his targets to kill someone else. According to Blaise's re-explanation of the case to Anders, everyone he tried the trick on fell for it. Not much is known about him otherwise.

In V15C6 (The End of the Rope), his background is revealed to him being the scientist in the notorious Strickland experiment, who had an interest in authority and got his subjects to act as 'guards' and 'prisoners'. He encouraged the 'guards' to beat and abuse the 'prisoners', which resulted in three of his subjects dying. His real name is then revealed as Clifford Billings. As of the end of the episode, the Puppet Master has been apprehended by Blaise Corso.

Major Cause of Death Antagonists
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[X] = Imprisoned                                                                                                                                                                                 † = Deceased

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