Christian Rose
Dr. Christian Rose
Christian Rose
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Died December 15, 2010 (Life support disabled by Eric Mills)
Hair brown
Eyes brown

Dr. Christian Rose was a minor character and suspect in Volume 1.


Whilst investigating the crime scene of Brittany Emerson in V1C3, investigator's found syringes filled with paralysis potions; their serial numbers point to Doctor Rose. When Mal Fallon and Natara Williams confronted him, they found Rose working on Miguel Flores to remove a bullet from his shoulder. After an argument, a gunfight between Flores and his bodyguards and Mal/Natara broke out -- during which time Rose fled the scene.

In V1C4, The Maskmaker uses him as a scapegoat when he is confronted by Mal and Natara in a large house overlooking the crime scene of Brittany Emerson. He injects poison into him, and he is left hospitalized in crucial condition. He is presumed by Mal and Natara to be The Maskmaker due to his appearance and tools found. But, in the bonus scene of that chapter, whilst he lies in the hospital in a largely unstable condition (unable to speak or fight), he is then attacked and killed by the real Maskmaker.

When searching through The Maskmaker's residence (where Rose was poisoned) in V1C5, evidence contradicting the theory that Rose is The Maskmaker leaves the SFPD stonewalled until the killer's true identity is revealed.

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