Charles Gilcomb
Ex-Mayor Charles Gilcomb
Gender Male
Hair Gray
Eyes Brown
Rank Ex-Mayor of San Francisco
Wife Cynthia Gilcomb
Girlfriend Nadine Belasco (little fling)

Charles Gilcomb is the former mayor of San Francisco. He lost in the most recent elections to Seth Holland.


In the side stories, Seth, Lies, Videotape Part 1 and Part 2, Charles had been framed for the murder of a woman, Lily Oaks, attempting to blackmail him, and his advisers suspect that the person was Seth Holland as the two were vying for the 'mayor' position. However, it turned out that the person who framed him was Nadine Belasco, his assistant, as they both had an affair together, and she was deeply hurt when she caught Charles and Lily Oaks having fling together and thus killed her. As Charles was about to get shot by Nadine, Seth saved him by tackling her down instead and thus showed to the whole of San Francisco that he had just saved a life. Hence, Seth was elected mayor and Charles lost the election.

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