Charles Anders
Charles Anders
Gender Male
Born February 6, 1964 (Age 50)
Hair Dirty Blonde
Eyes Blue
Employer SFPD; Internal Affairs
Rank Lieutenant, Internal Affairs;

Captain, SFPD

Wife Aubrey Anders (Divorced, Current surname unknown)
Son Bobby Anders

Lt. Charles Ryan Anders is the Leuitenant of Internal Affairs. He was introduced in Volume 9, Chapter 1: Walk The Wire as the interim captain of the SFPD.

Early Life

An All-State free safety out of Austin, Texas, Anders joined the local police force's K-9 unit after an ACL injury his senior season axed his scholarship offers. He later adopted his partner dog, Oliver. Advancing to detective, Anders informed on his partner's corrupt activity, causing all his fellow officers to refuse to work with him. Frozen out, Anders had accepted a transfer to L.A., eventually joining the San Francisco bureau, where he took down many of Jacob Fallon's remaining allies.


He was sent to the SFPD to take over Captain Maria Yeong's position until Internal Affairs are done investigating the law enforcement officers of the precinct. He was to conduct interviews of all SFPD employees. Detective Mal Fallon jokingly calls him "Chuckles." He later replaced Maria Yeong's position as a SFPD Captain after she steeped down at the end of Volume 9. During his introductory volume, Anders' background in Internal Affairs led him to strongly dislike the behavior of the SFPD's more reckless detectives, Mal Fallon and Blaise Corso. In V9C4, Anders directly told Mal that he was trying to kick him out of the SFPD and to "some back-alley precinct." In V9C8, Maria takes a stand against Anders (who is either punched by her or by Mal) and goes against his orders. Maria resigns in the aftermath, leaving Anders as acting captain of the precinct.

Anders gradually came to respect the work of the SFPD precinct. After not appearing nearly (if at all) in Volume 11, he actually admitted to being a Maltara (Mal Fallon + Natara Williams) shipper in V12C1. V12C7 revealed that he has a son, Bobby Anders. In Volume 13, he is ultimately the one who helps remove David Troy, who was hated by the precinct, from the SFPD.

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