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The Centurions are a biker gang. They are rivaled by the Polecats biker gang. They served as the secondary antagonists of Volume 14 after they were conscripted into being hitmen for the volume's main antagonist, the Firstborn.

Appearances in CoD:

They first became involved in "What Happened to Colt, Part 2" when Colt Warren was tasked with taking down Slade, a member of the group.

In V14C4, after becoming of suspicion following the murder of a Polecats member (as seen in the previous episode's bonus scene), the hideout of the group was visited by Mal Fallon and Blaise Corso. Slade, a high-ranking member, revealed that Caesar Haas -- the leader of the group -- was coerced into making the group an army for the Firstborn (as seen earlier in the episode). A fight then ensued between the gang and Mal/Blaise resulting in the gang fleeing their bar hideout. Later in the episode, two members of the group unsuccessfully attempt to assasinate Natara Williams.

In V14C5, after some members of the group assist Firstborn in striking a kill, they then (off-screen) raid a possible safehouse of Elam Clade -- the holder of the Lilith File, sought out by Firstborn. They absolutely tear up the place, as noted by Mal Fallon and Natara Williams. They later engaged in a shootout at a museum -- they wanted to capture Elam Clade and torture him for information on the file, but Clade was killed by Genevieve Collins meanwhile.

They then appeared in V14C6 doing more and more of Firstborn's bidding. In the bonus scene of that chapter, Caesar -- enraged at how the coercion tool Firstborn used to coerce him was his wife's severed hand -- attempted to (but didn't) kill Firstborn.

In V14C7, the gang -- using a large quantity of weapons and molotov cocktails supplied through Firstborn -- launches an all-out assauly on City Hall. They target Maria Yeong, Seth Holland and Charles Anders -- though the final result of the event wasn't shown.

The gang is shown to use fully automatic weapons, and according to Mal Fallon in V14C4 after the fight at the bar, have a thousand members (when he said that Firstborn would have an army "a thousand strong".

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