Cathrine Krutzik
Gender Female
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Green
Rank Defense Attorney
What, are you the only public defender in the whole frikkin' city?!

Blaise Corso to Catherine Krutzik, Cause of Death

Cathrine Krutzik is a defense attorney and a recurring character. She has been the defense attorney for several of the game's antagonists, including Vernon Frist and Armie Gillum.

Appearances in CoD:

In V6C2-3, Krutzik was among several hostages, along with Oscar Santos and Natara Williams, in the coutroom takeover by Vernon Frist. She represented Frist again during a judicial review in V9-Int, and expressed relief when it was dismissed.

Krutzik represented Armie Gillum during his interrogation in V7C7, and was a witness to one of his psychotic breaks.

In V12C3, Krutzik was captured and held hostage by Dana Tesch and Merritt Burke, son of U.S. Representative Laura Burke, who were trying to rekindle their ancestors' 19th century vigilante group, the Committee of Vigilance. She was rescued by Blaise Corso and Jeremy Redbird.

Later, in V12C6, she was the counsel for Ralph Abbott, who was suspected of involvement in a college drug ring.


  • She can also appear in V1C1 if Mal gets Jared arrested.
  • Krutzik has expressed an arguably immoral desire for fame twice during the game. She stated that she wanted to represent and Vernon Frist, even after being held captive by them, for the increased fees and the media rights.

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