This page is a walkthrough for Catching Fire. The game keeps a point total of all the correct choices made and assigns a police rank to the player at the end of the episode. In order to see the Bonus Scene at the end of the episode, one must get a Detective rank, which is equivalent to scoring 80 or more points.


1. What do you do? ---> Open the door. *

2. What do you do? ---> Get low. *

3. What do you do? ---> Scream. *

4. That's hard to believe, given his... ---> Occupation.

5. Watch it, officer.  That's... ---> Too loud.

6. You're forgetting Eric... ---> Closed cases.

7. We want to ask you about... --->  Jonah Graves.

8. And that would be your history of... ---> Pyromania.

9. We needed to speak with Brand regarding... ---> An open investigation.

10. All I can tell you is... ---> What I feel.

11. You know that's... ---> Against rules. *

12. Probably... ---> 235,000.

13. That sounds... ---> Familiar.

14. No one put it together because of the... ---> Circumstances.

15. What do you do? ---> (Varies!)- Left, Right, or Straight

16. What do you do? ---> Duck down.

17. What do you say? ---> Help her down.

18. What do you do? ---> Go around.

19. What do you do? ---> Punch.

20. What do you say? ---> Yourself.

21.  What do you do? ---> Jump

22.  You're admitting the benefactor is... ---> Worth investigating.

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