Brandon 'Caesar' Haas
Gender Male
Born August 8, 1976 (age 37)
Race Spanish American
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Employer Bloodslug (formally), Centurions (formally)
Rank Bassist (formally), Leader (formally)
Wife Unknown

Brandon "Caesar" Haas is the leader of the Centurion Biker Gang and a major character in Volume 14.

Early life:

Haas enjoyed moderate, if brief, success as a bassist for San Francisco heavy metal band 'Bloodslug' before the group's disintegration saw him fall in with California's Roman-themed outlaw motorcycle gang, the Centurions. Rapidly ascending to 'Caesar' of the S.F. chapter, he oversaw the Centurions' involvement in black market trafficking.


Caesar first appeared in V14C4, when his gang's club hideout was visited by Firstborn. After subduing Slade (the gang's secondary leader), Firstborn coerced Slade to show him to Caesar. There, Caesar was coerced by Firstborn to allow his organization to become the mini-army of Firstborn. Caesar and much of his biker army then escaped after a shootout and brawl with both Blaise Corso and Mal Fallon.

Caesar then reappeared in V14C5 when he was one of the multiple Centurion minions assisting Firstborn in the capture and planned torture of Elam Clade. However, he, Slade and Firstborn left the scene after Clade was killed by Genevieve Collins.

In the bonus scene of V14C6, it is revealed that the envelope Brandon received in order to be coerced by Firstborn contained his wife's cut-off hand. The extreme anger he suffers remembering how Firstborn cut his wife's hand off seems to indicate that he cares for his wife, though the fact hat Caesar was seen with two models on his lap when he first appeared make his care for his wife interesting. In that bonus scene he also then attempted to, unsuccessfully, kill Firstborn.

He, agreeing to put his wife into protective custody, told Mal and Natatra in V14C7 about the Firstborn's plan to attack City Hall. This gave Maria Yeong, Charles Anders and Seth Holland the warning that saved their lives as they escaped.

What became of Haas and his wife and the rest of the gang is unknown as the volume has ended, though the fact that he has not been explicitly been stated to be dead implies he may return in the future.

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