Cause of Death episode
Buried Secrets
Volume 1, Episode 4
Air date December 16, 2010
Written by CoD Team
Volume 1 guide [v]
December 16, 2010

1. Washed Up
2. The Masks We Wear
3. Bad Medicine
4. Buried Secrets
5. Unmasked
6. The Devil's Island

Volume 2: The Connoisseur
Buried Secrets is the fourth chapter of Volume 1: The Maskmaker. It was released along with the five other chapters of the volume on December 16, 2010.


Despite orders to concentrate on locating Dr. Rose, Mal and Natara remain unconvinced that he is the Maskmaker and begin their own secret investigation to find the "real killer." After comparing the four victims thus far, they determine that the Maskmaker specifically targets redheaded women. They then conclude that the only way the Maskmaker could have known about the bonfire party is by seeing it from Pacific Heights, an upscale neighborhood located on a cliff overlooking East Beach. They travel to Pacific Heights and question a real estate agent about the neighborhood's residents. She states that there is an "eccentric doctor" living in one of the houses, who keeps odd hours and wears a white lab coat.

Upon searching the house's trash bins, Natara discovers an empty can of plaster from Italia Imports and Exports. They enter the house, which turns out to be completely empty. The living room window offers a perfect view of East Beach. While searching the bathroom, Natara encounters the Maskmaker and intercepts his attempt to attack Mal. She pursues him throughout the house, eventually being led to the basement, which appears to be a sort of lair adorned with masks and newspaper clippings about the murders. In the back of the basement, Natara finds the body of a man appearing to be the Maskmaker, with a syringe sticking out of his neck. Upon removing his mask, Natara discovers the man is Dr. Rose.

That evening, Mal and Natara go out to dinner together, and bond over stories of some of the craziest cases they have been involved in. At the end of the evening, Mal confesses to Natara that his wife left him one month ago. He proceeds to ask Natara about her past, but she refuses to speak about it. Mal goes home, and Natara returns to her hotel. The chapter then cuts to a brief scene in Natara's hotel room, in which she reveals a large, jagged scar across her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rose lies in a hospital bed, connected to several monitors and unable to move or speak. When he is left unattended, the real Maskmaker slips into the hospital room and asphyxiates him to death.


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