Boone Hernandez Ligaya
IMG 0327-1-
Boone Ligaya
Gender Male
Born April 22, 1980
Died June 10, 2013 (age 33) (Explosion caused by Firstborn mercenary)
Race Filipino
Hair Brown
Employer S.C.T
Rank Forensic Scientist

Boone Hernandez Ligaya is the brain of the SCT (Special Crimes Task Force) unit that began working with the SFPD in Volume 14. His unit also consists of leader Emma Lapointe and black ops specialist Reed Harrow. They were trying to hunt down the Firstborn. At the end of V14C1, Natara Williams leaves the SFPD and joins the force. However, they died in a bomb explosion on a plane--- a plot of the Firstborn.

Early Life:

Ligaya was born in Manila, Philippines, to a famous Filipina actress and a TV variety show host. However, he inherited none of his parents' penchant for the entertainment industry, and was sent to live with his uncle in San Diego when he was 10. He then discovered his talent for mechanical engineering.


In V14C4, the gang discovers while searching a possible safehouse of the Firstborn a series of photos. The photos are traced by Amy Chen to be of "Lilith Collins", an entity who went missing from Pasadena, California (located 400 miles away) two days prior. While he, Emma and Reed are on the plane (as Natara couldn't come since she was attacked by bikers), they recieve a call from Natara -- she tells them that Firstborn likely planned for an attack on the plane. They manage to find a bomb, and Boone disarms it; but 4 mroe bombs are revealed to be there. The bombs then detonate and explode in the plane.

In the bonus scene, while searching the crime scene on the ground after the sky-explosion, Kai explains that 17 bodies were found dead whilst 22 were confirmed to be on the plane. Also, in the distance, a survivor on a parachute on the plane was seen -- Reed Harrow. In V14C5, Ligaya was confirmed dead.


He is shown to have a variety of niche skills that are helpful for applying practical operations; he was found to be an SFPD version of Kai. He comments to Kai that he is not like Amy Chen who works with data; that he actually works for the government in weapons-related applications. The details of these projects are classified, but it is known that his specialty is "man-portable armament engineering".

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