Cause of Death episode
Bloodlines, Part 1
Volume 12, Episode 2
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Air date December 31, 2012
Volume 12 guide [v]
December 17, 2012 - February 11, 2013

1. Monsters Among Us
~. Holiday Interlude: A Fallon Family Christmas
2. Bloodlines, Part 1
3. Bloodlines, Part 2
4. Special Friend
5. The Old College Try, Part 1
6. The Old College Try, Part 2
7. Nothing to Fear
8. Out of the Shadows

Volume 11
Volume 13
Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


When an old nemisis turns up dead, the investigation leads Blaise and Jeremy to one of San Francisco's most powerful families.


Vernon Frist, convicted serial killer, finds himself in an abandoned opera house with three people dressed in red robes who mean to hang him. As they commit a ceremony, Vernon wriggles his wrists free from the rope that binds them. However, the trap door is opened, hanging Vernon & killing him. The next day, Jeremy Redbird & Blaise Corso head to Portsmouth Square, where Vernon's body dangles from a 5th story window. They head back to the crime lab, where Jeremy observes that Frist was punched by someone wearing a ring. Kai recognizes the design as the Tell family ring, one of the 3 most powerful families in San Francisco, known as "the Pillars". After interviewing Raymond Tell & his son Corey, Corey tries to run. Blaise & Jeremy chase after him, saving his life & also arresting him. Down at the station, Corey confesses to the murder but also hints that he wasn't working alone.

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