Alarm Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.


1. It's... ---> An insult. *

2. What do you do? ---> Go over to her! *

3. What do you do? ---> Shoot! *

4. What do you do? ---> Shoot! *

5. What do you do? ---> Shoot! *

6. What do you say? ---> You look beautiful. *

7. What do you do? ---> Have a drink. *

8. What do you do? ---> Skip to Natara's message.

9. What do you do? ---> Call.

10. What do you do? ---> Don't call attention to it.

11. What do you do? ---> Hear what he has to say.

12. Where were you... ---> When Mom died.

13. What do you say? ---> You found out about that, huh?

14. What do you say? ---> You want me to deliver a bribe!

15. What do you do? ---> Snoop.

16. What's the lamp's pattern? ---> Floral.

17. What do you say? ---> Miguel was killed in self-defense.

18. What do you say? ---> As opposed to a murderer and a drug-runner?

19. What do you say? ---> Your son.

20. What do you do? ---> Hand it over.

21. What do you do? ---> Nothing.

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