Bardan Derek Stone
Bardan Stone
Today, "the Irishman" maintains his high-roller lifestyle with lucrative work as an assassin. As much a virtuoso with a poker hand as he is with a sniper rifle, Stone prefers gambling with both his money and his life.
Real Name/Alias "The Irishman"
Born December 24, 1975
Murder Career
Victims 162+ victims.
M.O. Snipes at them
Appearances Volume 9 and 11
Status Ex-i.r.a Sniper
Motive Member of the Irish Republican Army

Bardan Derek Stone was a former sniper and an assassin. He has since been incarcerated and is awaiting trial.

Early life

Credited with a reported 162 kills as a sniper in the Irish Republican Army, Stone claims that he broke the record-longest sniper kill without computer guidance. Equally known for his mastery of both poker and bomb making, Stone provided the diversion explosive used in the Salazar cartel's kidnapping of Det. Mal Fallon.


He first debuted in the two-parter that made up the 5th and 6th chapters of Volume 9Kings of Las Vegas, Part 1 and Kings of Las Vegas, Part 2, as an antagonist and is shown to be a master at poker. Bardan barged in and caused havoc in the room, and seeing as to how he later was seen in Volume 11, he must have escaped the skirmish.

In the first chapter of Volume 11, Best Served Cold, Natara Williams arrests him following a brief chase scene because she suspects that he built the bomb which provided a distraction and allowed Esme Salazar to capture Mal Fallon (Death Do Us Part). After Natara implied that she would pursue Fiona if Stone refused to cooperate, he confessed that Natara would be looking for a private airstrip (she was later seen investigating this airstrip in Chapter 4 of Volume 11). Natara told Stone that she would uphold her promise not to pursue Fiona because she had better things to do.

Stone has not appeared since, but the second Secret Files installment released after Volume 14 revealed that he, "despite persistent efforts by authorities to shut it down", ran a prison gambling ring.




Impersonated by Blaise and Mal respectively in V9C5 and C6, Fiona is Bardan's girlfriend. While their relationship is shown a few times, it is implied that Bardan is very protective of her, cooperating with the authorities once Fiona was brought into question.


Bardan is described as being cocky and thrill-seeking, managing a lifestyle that is described as "high-roller". He has mastered his profession as a sniper and bomb maker for the Irish Republican Army and with the money he likely made from his career in the army, he also mastered the game of poker.

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