Travis Lee
Alias Azrael
Born November 22, 1982
Died May 24, 2013 (Age 30) (Suicide by explosion to kill Kingfisher-affiliated mercenaries)
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Employer Brimstone
Rank Hacker
Travis Lee, or Azrael, was the lead member of the hacker group Brimstone, a which was based in San Francisco, until his death in Volume 14. His fellow members include Jericho and Krystal.


He was first introduced in Chapter 2: Fire and Brimstone, Part 1. Officer Jeremy Redbird mentioned that the name Azrael is of Arabic origin and is the name of the Archangel of Death in some "extra-biblical traditions." It is noted that he has carpal tunnel. He seems to have a crush on Data Analyst Amy Chen.

Appearances in CoD:

After V9C3, Amy leaves the SFPD for Brimstone. At the end of Chapter 3: Fire and Brimstone, Part 2, he is placed on house arrest by Lieutenant Charles Anders. In the bonus scene, Amy helps him out of his house arrest by distracting the guards outside the house. Also, he and Amy were the focus of the case Far Away From Home (set inbetween Volumes 10 and 11). However, after V10, Amy left Brimstone to return to the SFPD.

Then, in V14C2, Azrael was killed while he and his team were trying to guard the San Quentin Prison's computer system from an expert hacker, Kingfisher. Kingfisher traced their location and sent an armed thugs. Although Jericho and Krystal escaped, Azrael stayed to help track down Kingfisher, and was shot and mortally wounded. As the gunmen poured gasoline around the house, he managed to flick a lighter into the fluid, incinerating himself and the thugs. 

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