Asher Dane
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Alias Livewire
Gender Male
Born April 12, 1962
Died June 18, 2012 (Age 50) (Electrocuted by Maria Yeong)
Hair Blonde
Rank Former investigative journalist
Wife Emilia Dane (Deceased)

Asher Dane, otherwise known as Livewire, was an investigative journalist and the main antagonist of Volume 9.

Early Life:

Investigative journalist Asher Dane enjoyed a spell of talk-show celebrity after the publication of his expose on cartel activity in California, attracting the ire of corrupt SFPD officers on the cartel payroll. On orders to identify Dane's sources, Det. Arnold Bosco kidnapped and electrocuted Dane and his wife Emilia. The interrogation killed Emilia and sent Dane into a coma for nearly 15 years and he now bears a gargoyle-like face, pale skin and red fern-like scars from his torture.

Appearances in CoD:

Dane impersonated officers, killing anyone who complied with police authority, a lesson to the world. He was killed in a struggle with then-captain, Maria Yeong in V9C8, whose daughter he had taken hostage.


Dane died when Maria Yeong strangled him.

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