Angel Dominguez Castilla
Alias El Cuervo
Gender Male
Born July 19, 1939
Died April 15, 2013 (Age 73) (Beheaded by The Ghost)
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Employer Flores Cartel (formally)
Rank "The Raven"
Wife Genevieve Collins (divorced)
Son Alex Dominguez (adopted)
Angel Dominiguez was the former husband of Genevieve Collins.

Early Life:

Trained in the Argentine knife-fighting style of esgrima criolla, Angel served the Flores cartel as a premier assasin. Serving a brief prison term in California, he met Dr. Leon Marquez and found religion. Upon release, he met Genevieve Collins, another soul fleeing from her past, who was pregnant with her son, Alex Dominguez. He helped raise her son. Alex, whose violence only reminded them both of their own natures, forced Angel to ask Genevieve to kill him. Genevieve took the burden onto herself, brought Alex out into the woods, but when the moment came, sent him away on a train instead, a secret Ángel never learned.

Appearances in CoD:

In V13C5, upon stumbling upon the dead bodies of Leon Marquez and his bodyguards, the SFPD team (Mal Fallon, Natara Williams, Jeremy Redbird and Blaise Corso) determines that since Dominiguez knows of Genevieve Collins' current location, that the assassin of Marquez and his crew -- The Ghost -- must be after him next.

When confronted, he pretended to act senile, but proved himself to be lucid and seemingly intelligent. Eventually, the SFPD tried to escort him to the station, but The Ghost showed up and attacked, leading to everyone but Mal suffering serious injury. Although the SFPD managed to protect Dominiguez, Redbird was hit in the chest with a throwing knife.

Then, in V13C6, whilst Blaise and Natara monitor Jeremy in the hospital, Mal confronts Dominiguez -- but ends up stranded at his rural hideout since he ended up wrecking his cruiser. Dominiguez explained a bit more about Genevieve to him; however, The Ghost then showed up and attempted to kill Angel. Despite being flanked two to one, The Ghost managed to kill Dominiguez but then committed suicide after being restrained by Mal.

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