Alan Song
Hair white
Eyes brown
Rank Titan of defense contracting and arms manufacturing
Girlfriend Rep. Laura Burke (to be confirmed)
Alan Song is shown to be a friend, if not the lover of Rep. Laura Burke.


Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he is a tycoon, and that he is the titan of defense contracting and arms manufacturing.

Appearances in CoD:

He first appears in V15C5 to bring the Puppet Master up to light in front of the SFPD. He later offers Blaise Corso a revolver made using advance technology which allows the shooter not to be tracked and asks her to kill the Puppet Master.

In V15C6, he gets angry when Blaise returns him the firearm and does not use it and is later shown in the bonus scene to be working with Rep. Laura Burke on something which is concerning Blaise.

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